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An accessible book for every director, manager, or employee of an organization, who wants to get the basics of information security right.

Proper handling of sensitive information.

Show leadership.



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Hi, I'm Mark Tissink, and I'm the owner of Secure IT is.

I help companies, directors and managers of companies, independent ITérs and (C)ISOs through a simple and clear roadmap to secure business information properly and securely.

In 2021, I released my first book in Dutch. But now it is time to offer my expertise to the rest of the world. And the English translation of my book is available.

My years of expertise as an Information security officer and trainer bring me the knowledge that companies are increasingly facing the consequences of data breaches and hacks. But also that whoever is responsible in the company does not get information security implemented sufficiently, so they cannot prevent risks.

Companies are increasingly at risk. And lose a lot of money repairing the damage after an incident.

As an information security officer, I think this is a shame, because many risks can be avoided. And in doing so, you can save the company a lot of money. To help you get your information security in order in your company, I wrote my book.

Student 1

Verbally strong, excellent ready knowledge and examples. Good interaction, broad knowledge, energy.
Takes questions very well!

Student 2

Teacher kept the material 'alive. The main theme remained clear throughout the 5-day course. Asks questions well and in return. Uses the knowledge in the group

Student 3

Good balance of material and practice. Clear, well-organized and practical.
Friendly. Tries to answer all questions.

In this book you will read:

  • About getting the right information on information command at the right time.
  • How to avoid suffering from failing systems because you are constantly under attack.
  • How you can show that you are compliant with legislation, because you show that you handle information properly. And in doing so, you won't risk high fines.
  • Bonus: free checklists, overviews, examples and references.

This book is a first step to help you take information security to the next level.

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You may now be wondering, can you really prevent major damage with a few simple steps outlined in my book?

How the content of my book stands out from other books?

Or even why I then offer this valuable information in a book instead of offering my services to a company as an Information security officer after it has suffered damage. My answer to this is the following.

I find it painful that companies and individuals suffer damage due to cybercrime. I choose to stand up. To be that person who helps other leaders secure and improve their organisation. I feel called to help other information security leaders achieve faster and better results by helping them work with simplicity and creativity to take a trustworthy relationship with their customers-in other words, do good!

So that they can continue to deliver the wonderful products and services. That they are not affected by ransomware, phishing or other cybercrime and that they are resilient in the way they work.


Dutch Railways

An important cybersecurity book that had to be written. It is clear, practical, more than current and actually mandatory reading for every manager or entrepreneur. Personally, I think chapter 13 is good to mention here. After all, we all have our own social responsibility not to become the weakest cyber link in the chain. So read it and get to work to keep our digital society safe together!


Dutch public prosecutor's office

An enlightening and innovative look at getting a grip on information security. A great roadmap for the novice ISO, a good reference for the seasoned CISO.


Consultant Cyber Security,

With Information Security in Control, Mark brings a survival guide to the jungle there is. The book thoroughly prepares you and provides clear direction so that you can embark on the journey with confidence. A complete description of all aspects relevant to information security and its management. Clever how Mark describes this complex and comprehensive subject matter in an accessible and inviting way. A must read, not only for managers but also for more technically oriented IT people; so they can improve information security within their company with mutual understanding.

Yes, I want this book!

Do you want to change this?

  • You have a successful business, but correct information is always missing.
  •  Mistakes are made and information ends up on the street
  •  Your company is growing, but IT is not working as well as it used to.
  • You have insufficient grip on where information flows, resulting in time-consuming data breaches.

Then don't hesitate any longer. Because with my book, you can prevent many risks.


Advisor Information Security,
Judicial Institutions Department 

A fresh perspective that puts cyber security in its proper broader context - without telling you what you must or must not do. Mark takes you through the aisles of your organization and helps you shift your own paradigm. With practical tools, understandable language and without getting woolly, this book can add something to your coffee table even if you are not (yet) an IS professional.


Senior IT Auditor,

A lightheartedly written book equipped with practical exercises not only for managers involved in information security decisions but also for IT professionals who want to read back the consistency of things as a reminder.


Chief Data Officer,
(400k plus municipality)

Data and information security go hand in hand. Not to create a closed data silos, but rather to ensure that data (and information) can flow responsibly. Information security is a broad topic and sometimes somewhat misunderstood. In this book, Mark manages to convey important concepts in a readable, understandable way and with practical examples. Highly recommended for anyone who is not necessarily or does not want to be a security expert, but does want to have a good understanding of what it is all about.

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Looking for accessible information to learn more about how to handle sensitive information in your company?

Because in a world full of hacks and data breaches you care when information is not handled properly and the consequences hit your company and your costumers hard.

Information security needs to get on the priority list of your colleagues as it deserve to be. But how?

Learn to be a cyber leader and bring information security to a next level in your company.

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